Hello Beautiful Soul Family!

My name is Sierra and I am so incredibly happy you have found this page!

 I am a multidimensional energy healer, Intuitive guide, shamanic alchemist, Gridworker, Gatekeeper, and a Wayshower for the New Paradigm of Light.

My unique gifts to share with you: I’m here to awaken humanity to their full spectrum of DNA.

 My hybrid rainbow DNA & The divine template in my energy field holds a unique codex that is able to realign and reorganize discordant patterns in others, while realigning their chakras and energetic bodies back into its highest formation of light. I use sound and shamanic song along with light language  to assist with the alchemy and transmutation of the energetic recalibration that takes place during our sessions. I also incorporate my highly attuned empathic and intuitive gifts to provide guidance on this incredible journey of awakening that is happening on this planet and in all of our hearts right now.

I travel and spend a lot of time in nature working closely with Goddess Gaia, collectives of light, and multidimensional portals to reconnect the earth grids back into alignment with the crystalline grids that are in coherence to Universal consciousness. This is not unlike how I work with your own inner grids and portals, (known as chakras & meridians), to reconnect to Universal truth, Unity Consciousness, and your original divine template. I bring through universal light codes of unconditional love in support of your own journey of remembering the truth of who you are. In Ceremony we will reconnect you to your true divine nature in communion with the powerful support Goddess Gaia Sophia to open you up to more expansion and attune you’re field back into universal harmony. 

An individual’s awakening can be very energetically overwhelming and confusing at times. Seeking guidance can help bring clarity, as well as more empowered and expanded perspectives to assist in you in navigating your unique path of embodiment.

 I see you in truth, and I will hold you in a vibration of your highest expression and expanded potential, as I assist you in aligning to the uniquely gifted, beautiful, courageous, empowered, and brilliantly creative multidimendial being of light in form that you are.

Current Offerings

  •  1:1 60 Minute Intuitive Soul Sessions
  •  1:1 Personalized Mentorship Programs
  •  SEDONA RETREAT "Walking with Earth magic" 

March 28-April 2, 2020 (2 spaces open)

  • RAINBOW CODES: Advanced Accelerated Alchemy Online Masterclass (FULL)

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Client Video

Beautiful Testimonial from a client 

and very gifted soul siStar xx